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Is my switch board safe? Do I need safety switches and how do i test them?

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Any alteration to power or lighting circuits shall have a separate individual safety switch for that circuit.

All new homes must have safety switches protecting all power points and lighting circuits.

Any new home or renovation from 2017, all circuits to be protected by individual safety switch.

If you don’t have a safety switch and have fuses or circuit breakers then you should invest in safety switches to protect you home and any person from electric shock and fire.

If you have one safety switch, sometimes these cause nuisance tripping eg. all power goes out when a fault accrues or small leakage in appliances over too many circuits trip.

If your safety switch is protecting more than three circuits (breakers or fuses) you should consider getting them checked by Donna's Electrical.

We recommend getting that switch tested ‘at the least’ and recommend upgrading by installing individual safety switches to prevent nuisance tripping ‘problems that take all circuits in a fault’, this will save time and electrician call outs to save fault finding.

Contact us to install safety switches to protect your home before it is too late.

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